Edmonton Plumbers – 5 Signs It Might Be Time To Replace You Hot Water Tank

Edmonton Plumbers – 5 Signs It Might Be Time To Replace You Hot Water Tank

Edmonton PlumbersDoes your hot water tank need to be replaced?

Here are the top five signs that it’s time to replace your hot water tank 

Is your hot water tank giving you the cold water treatment after only a few minutes of showering? Or is it making banging and popping noises constantly.

It might be time to consider replacing your hot water tank, here are five things to watch out for when considering replacing your hot water tank.

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  1. First hot water tanks are designed to last anywhere is between eight and 12 years, if your hot water tank is anywhere in this age range you might want to have a qualified plumber check it out.
  2. Hot water tanks often fail due to rust and corrosion. Remember the inside of your hot water tank is made of steel, when you combine stealing water it equals rust. Over time that rust is going to build up and there’s no way to reverse rust and corrosion, so if Rust is present but the tank isn’t leaking it soon will.
  3. The tank has actually started leaking. There is no way to repair a leaking hot water tank. But be sure it is the holding tank itself that is leaking and not just the blowoff valve, which can be replaced by a professional.
  4. The hot water tank is making a popping or knocking sound. Hot water tanks are not supposed to make this type of noise, if it is it’s time to replace it. What you were actually hearing is boiling water that has been trapped underneath sediment. Sediment is simply minerals from hard water but that deposited into your hot water tank. The popping in knocking can actually lead to a burst hot water tank creating a flood.
  5. The water never seems to get hot anymore just merely lukewarm. This could be caused by large amounts of settlement or rust in the tank itself and it takes an extremely long time to heat the water up. 

Older hot water tanks are not very efficient, call a professional plumber and get an estimate as to what it would cost to replace the old tank with a new more efficient hot water tank.